Map of Path

Submit evidence of use of footpath

We need evidence that people walked the path between 1990 and 2017 without obstruction. Photographs are also very helpful. We’d particularly like to hear from people who have fished down there. If you have used the path in the past, please download and fill in this Evidence Form. The return address is on the form (we need signed hard copies).

Previous decision of Mendip District Council Planning Committee ( 20 Sept 2018)

“The applicant is made aware that a modification application 860 has been received by Somerset County Council Rights of Way and the claimed route runs close to part of the planning application area. The application is to add a footpath to the Definitive Map. Whilst the applicant’s planning proposals do not obstruct the claimed route, they should be aware that the modification application has yet to be determined. Public rights may exist, and if confirmed, will need to be made available and free of obstruction. Should public rights be found to exist, they may be different to that which have been applied for and could be on a different alignment. This will only be known once the application has been investigated. Failure to comply with such a request may result in the landowner being prosecuted if the potential path is built on or otherwise interfered with.”

Frome Neighbourhood Plan (See section 7)

River Strategy (2012)

Frome River Strategy 2020-30

Summary of Right of Way application